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From The Desk Of: Richard Quek

Dear friend,

Being in Internet marketing opens up a world of possibilities for you.

It allows you to be your own boss

You can work your own hours

You can work from the comfort of your own home

You can have a business that runs on autopilot and makes money for you 24 hours a day and more

But I bet that no one ever told you that Internet marketing can be tricky and that there are no guarantees that your ideas will work. You have often been told that Internet marketing is a breeze and that you can make millions in your pajamas. I am sure you have heard of all these promises before. I personally have fallen for that as well and I can tell you that it is not your fault.

The funny thing is, no matter if youíre a newbie or an experienced marketer, weíve all run into a road block or two, whether your product or service didnít sell like you thought it would, you struggled to get quality traffic to you web site, you spent more money than you got in return, or you broke even when there was a high demand for what you were offering.

Well, whatever your problems may have been in the past, Iím here to tell you that none of that matters, because with this amazing tool youíre about to learn about, youíll be able to shave 5, 10 or even 20 years off of the Internet marketing learning curve, avoid making the same mistakes that other marketers before you have made, and start making boat loads of cash by being a success every time you launch a new product or service.

Iíll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself.


Hi, my name is Richard Quek and if youíre tired of marketing product after product and never getting any results and are ready to take your business to the next level, then I have a treat for you.

You see, I was like many of you who are struggling to have a break thro'. In fact a few years ago I do not even know how to send an email or surf the Internet. Forget about creating effective web sites and automating the sale process. Installing scripts was only a dream. However, today I am able to do all these and more. I learnt the hard way by trial and error. You do not have to do that my friend! You can short cut the learning process by role modeling from other successful Internet marketers.

Hereís your solution: Iíve taken the trouble to contact...... Internet marketers and begged them to provide you with their success strategies. I have to be honest, in the beginning, I never thought they would reveal these secrets to me, but they did and now you can benefit from what all they had to say.

So why did they agree to this and why should you listen to me?

Just Google my name and youíll instantly see why. Iím considered a marketing guru myself and needless to say, gurus help gurus, but this guru is here to help you!

Hereís a little bit of my background. Iím from sunny Malaysia. Before my marketing days, I was a chartered accountant by profession and have authored more than 10 books on Internet marketing, network marketing, and personal development.

I also give seminars and trainings in this region. In 2003, I co-authored an e-book, "ZOOM To Super Success" with more than 50 of the top Internet marketers. They include Internet marketers like Joe Vitale, Michael Green, Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, and Mike Filsaime, to name a few.

But since that time, there have been many changes over the Internet and to keep you in the loop of things, Iíve created a similar product to provide Internet marketers just like you, proven techniques, methods, and strategies used personally by these smart as heck Internet marketers.

Internet Marketing Will Be A Cake Walk For You

Say goodbye to wasting your money on dozens of products that promise results, but leave you hanging with no money in your pocket. Say goodbye to searching for weeks at a time to find the perfect niche and never getting your desired results.

Say goodbye to trying to figure out what makes customers buy, because after today, youíll have access to a sure-proofed tool that takes all of the guess work out of Internet marketing and empower you with proven techniques and uncover secrets that will take you from dead broke to having deep pockets in no time!

With this unique tool that Iíve created, youíll:

1) Be able to zero in on untapped markets with little competition
2) Be able to get into the minds of customers and know exactly what theyíre looking for so you can offer it to them
3) Be a success at marketing with your very own huge list of clients
4) Experience the level of success that top marketing gurus experience day-in and day-out

Youíll get all of that and more in my...

Zooming To Success Audio MP3 And Transcript Edition

This one-of-a-kind tool consists of personal interviews with more than 15 marketing gurus, where they answer questions, share their success stories, mistakes, and keys to turning your online business into your very own Internet marketing empire.

My Zooming To Success Audio MP3 and Transcript Edition takes you by the hand with explanations from well-known and highly trusted experts and guides you directly to the road of prosperity!

But it doesnít stop there. This amazing product takes it a step further and breaks down complicated marketing jargon into simple language that ordinary people like you can understand, and empowers you with the knowledge, understanding, and ability to explode your marketing business into the next level of success, so youíll enjoy all of the profits that you truly deserve!

This one-of-a-kind product:

tick Is easy to understand and apply to your online business
tick Gets right to the core of your needs to help you instantly find success
tick Is an all-in-one package that covers all aspects of marketing and answers all of your nagging questions, taking you from a newbie marketer to guru status in no time
tick Is unlike any other product on the market today

If You Can Listen And Understand Second-Grade English, Youíll Be An Absolute Success With This

My Zooming To Success Audio MP3 and Transcript Edition is specifically designed to enhance your experience with Internet marketing.

Donít be fooled by similar or other products on the market that claim to provide you with similar results, because thereís simply no other product available today that can match or out perform the results youíll receive once you say yes to this amazing tool!

Hereís a big reason why:

Zooming To Success Audio MP3 and Transcript Edition is GUARANTEED to work for you or itís FREE!

Other Products:

1. Canít guarantee your results

2. Are only designed to do half the job they should do

3. Leave you still searching for a fast and easy way to be a success online

My Zooming To Success Audio MP3 and Transcript Edition:

Allows you to be more efficient through expert advice from more than 15 marketing gurus

Is guaranteed to work

Is inexpensive and provides you with the results youíre seeking

Is like no other product on the market today

Provides you with a blue print to building your very own Internet marketing empire

But wait, thatís not allÖÖÖÖÖ

Hereís A Sneak Peak At Some of The Questions Youíll Have Answers To By Top Marketing Gurus

(1) In your opinion what are the best products to market on the Internet?

(2) Do you need to have your own products? Please provide a brief explanation.

(3) What do you think are the attitudes and mindset needed to succeed on the Internet?

(4) What is the most important advice you have for those new to Internet marketing and those struggling to have a break through?

(5) There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. In your opinion which are the top three?
Please explain why you selected these and provide some tips?

(6) Getting leverage is important for Internet marketing success. For those starting out new on the Internet what are the best ways to get affiliates and joint venture partners to promote for them?

(7) What future trends and changes do you see on the Internet? What is the future of Internet marketing?

(8) If you have the opportunity to start your Internet marketing career all over again, what would you have done differently.

(9) Have you got a gift for the listeners? Please provide some information about it and what is the link to access the gift?

Here are the Internet marketers who participated...

Michael Green


He comes from England and has been involved with marketing on the Internet for many years. He markets information products about absolutely anything under the sun. Some of his successful products are "How To Blog For Cash" and "Traffic Czar".
He runs one of the most successful Internet marketing forum - Howtocorp.

Brian Garvin


Brian is very experienced Internet marketer and resides in the United States. He is a very successful Affiliate marketer and have successes with a few business opportunity programs. He also markets his own products. One of his most successful product is the MONEY! DVD-ROM.

Jeremy Gislason


Jeremy resides in Japan and has been successfuly marketing on the Internet since early 2000's. He first successful project was a membership site called, "Surefire Wealth". His most recent successful project was Marketing Main Event Event 3 (CMS Infusion) where he and his partner did $1.6 million in one week.

Irena Whitfield


Irena was born into a mixed English-Czech family. She was a forex trader before venturing into Internet marketing. She has been marketing successfully on the Internet since 2000. He most successful project is her Ezine, "Pathway To Success". Since 2000 she published "Pathway to Success" every other Sunday to over 138,500 Subscribers in 94 countries.

Scott Patton


Scott is from from Vancouver, Canada. He managed a multi-million-dollar a year grocery super store for years before starting his Internet marketing business. He is a very successful copywriter having done work for Intrenet marketers like David Watson, of Website Content Wizard and Mike Filsaime of Butterfly Marketing. He is also an expert at Podcasting and was one of the early pioneer of Blogging.

Eva Browne Patterson


Eva comes from Australia. She has worked individually with over 120 clients with web sites ranging from marketing products, home redesign, mineral makeup, ebooks on a variety of topics, stock market trading, betting software, programming services and much, much more. Eva also managed a very successful ezines, "Ezines-R-Us" that provides information and advertising needs.

Sean Wu

Sean is currently living in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, which he have been living ever since he was 6 years old. Before he started his Internet marketing career, he was actually still studying for his undergraduate degree. In his second year(2002) he got involved with marketing on the Internet. His 2 successful projects are "Tag & Ping" and "Auto Social Poster".

Bishop Anders

Bishop comes from the United States and have been marketing on the Internet for many years. He has many successful projects that includes a business called builditfast, which basically provided people with super simple free web pages and a few free tools to market their web page with. He once managed a Safelist site - called totalsaturation. His most successful project is a small software development company aimed toward automating the task of getting backlinks and traffic to a persons site.

Raamakant S.


Raamakant is from beautiful Pink City of India called Jaipur. He launched his first website in October 2004. In June 2005 he launched his first software and it was his turning point in his Internet marketing career. Some of his projects include "Ultimate Money Typhoon", "The eSuccess Code" and "Intensive Giveaway". In December 2006 he launched his most successful project "OTO GoldMine".

Michael Lee


Michael currently resides in Manila, Philippines. His first ebook was on Self Improvement called "How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard". He is still marketing this ebook from his web site. He also has a membership site, "Self Improvement Millionaire" that is managed by his partner. His article "The World's Greatest Self-improvement Superheroes and Their Success Secrets" have been included in "101 Great Ways to
Improve Your Life, Vol. 3," a book that he have the privilege of co-authoring with Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, and many other personal development experts.

Paul Kleinmeulman


Paul Kleinmeulman is from Australia and have been a full time marketer since June 2005. He managed a few successful PLR memberships site such as, "Private Rights Success", and "Private Rights Articles". One of his most recent products is Profit Funnel Secrets which sold over 300 copies in less than a week. He recently launched a software, "Affiliate Page Pro" with Aaron Dwyer one of his original mentoree students.

John Delavera


Most Internet marketers refer to John as the Turbo Guy, in reference to the brand name of his business. He have been a full time online businessman since 2005. He managed a successful membership site at Turbo Membership. John is well known for his 2 outstanding software JVManager and JVManager 2 Fantasos.

Doug Champigny


Doug was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Most people in Internet Marketing know that his wife Teri work closely with him. They have previously assisted Yahoo when Yahoo took over Broadcast.com about 5 years ago. One of their successful project was the Cyber Surfer site. Built in 1997 as a means to show their clients a site could attract over a million unique visitors a year using only free traffic sources.

Kevin Riley


Kevin was originally from Switzerland but is now residing in Japan. His projects include Mission: "Make Money Online". It's a 6-month home study course with a Mission. Another project is called "Instant Money Factories" which is basically a business in a box, where you put it on the Internet and drive traffic to your Factory. His "Recipe Series" has been his most successful projects.

Hugh Simpson


Hugh originally was from Jacksonville, Florida. His most successful off-line project would be the Public Realations campaign for the Original Marlboro Man for his first bestselling book "You Are What You Wear". His most successful on-line project would have to be US Prepared, LLC, our emergency preparedness program. This was developed after Hurricane Katrina devastated the USA Gulf Coast. His latest project is 7th Haven, where his partner and fellow Internet Marketer, Dr. Tim Robinson and him have pledged to build 7,000,000 cost effective and energy efficient homes for the homeless and poor around the world.

Jinger Jarrett


Jinger comes from the United States. She started trying to build a business online around 2001. She has been involved in many different projects. She is very successful in article writing. Her articles have been syndicated all over the internet, as well as being published in print, and she have readers from more than 40 different countries.

Richard Quek


Richard comes from the sunny country of Malaysia. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and had been involved in Internet marketing for more than 8 years. He has authored more than 10 books. He created an Internet marketing home study course a few years ago - TIMM eSeminar. His most successful project was "ZOOM To Super Success" where he JV with more than 50 of the top Internet marketers.

Ian del Carmen

Ian del Carmen is 29 years old and comes from the Philippines. He is the CEO of Fireball Planet Corporation. It was around end of April to early May in 2006 when he bought a resell rights package and then started selling digital products.
He managed 29 membership sites and by December 2006, he I created a site called MembershipWholesaler to license all his sites.

Mark Varnum


Mark is originally from the UK and have now settled down in Cyprus. He was one of the earlier pioneers on Adsense. However, due to the instability of the Adsense income Mark discovered the potential of Lead Generation. He is now involved with lead generation and is teaching others about it.


WOW! Now thatís a lot to swallow. And once you take advantage of this amazing deal, it will be virtually impossible for you to fail.

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WOW, Richard! You've done it again.

In the internet marketing world, where everyone is telling newbieís what they should do to become successful. You come up with a different approach by telling what successful people did, when they started.

You are awesome. You don't realize it but you are going to help  thousands of people.

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying "Zooming to Success" is truly great Information. No, actually it's a Gem. :o)

Raamakant S.


I believe that "ZOOMING To Success" is a must-have resource for every aspiring Internet Marketer.

Learning from others' successes and failures some times is a SAFE guide to one's personal success and you managed to collect some of the best marketers for your amazing sharing of success' secrets collection.

On behalf of all marketers: Thank you very much!

John Delavera

"Zooming to Success" is going to save aspiring marketers lots of time, efforts, and money. With this pckage, you'll discover what costly mistakes to avoid so you don't have to go through years of frustration. You'll also learn the best tools to use and the most beneficial secrets that will propel your internet business to the next level.

I highly recommend anyone serious in profiting online to get this package now.

Michael Lee

Zooming to Success is a value-packed site that I highly recommend to anyone looking for insight into the formula for success. I really like how you can just listen to audios from people who've already become successful, or if preferred read the transcripts. It effectively shortens the learning curve dramatically and saves wasting time trying things that don't work. After listening to the audios, I found that there's good information for both new and seasoned internet marketers on offer.

Well done Richard. All your products are top notch, but this particular site provides outstanding information for members!

Kind regards
Eva Browne-Paterson


"Richard, this is amazing. I am am impressed  how you have interviewed these INTERNET BUSINESS TOP GUNS.
And I think you have made it even easier by compiling all of them into one valuable access that I can listen and model over and over again. Thanks Richard, plus you still generous enough to put extra bonuses! The price and the value of the package is surreal! "

Dee Ferdinand

"Your Efforts In Putting All These Successful People In One Site Is Appreciated!"

Richard, I would like to commend you on a job well done! Your efforts in putting all these successful people in one site is appreciated. I believe anyone who sees this package would grab it as soon as possible as this is a very rare opportunity...

Ian del Carmen
Fireball Planet Corporation

Itís Like Sitting Down And Having A One On One Chat...

Gí Day Richard,

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this project, I really appreciated the opportunity and after listening to the audios I am very excited to say that the audios are top notch and turned out better than I expected.

I highly recommend this package to anybody who wants to pull back the curtain and discover how we Zoomed to Super Success.

All the best for your online success,


Paul Kleinmeulman

Can you imagine cornering some of the best-known and highly profitable online marketing pros and getting them to "spill the beans" about their success?

Well, thanks to my friend Richard Quek, you don't have to because it's been done for you with his fabulous collection of the success secrets of 19 Internet Marketing pros.

And they're NOT the "usual suspects" either. Richard gives you the "inside scoop" from people like: John Delavera, Brian Garvin, Kevin Riley, Sean Wu, Jinger Jarrett and Michael Green, just to name a few. Whether you're new to I.M. or are looking for proven ways to take your ebiz to "the next level," Zooming to Success give you the keys for unlocking your own Success.

Stephen Boutelle,
"The Premiere Info-Strategist"

Co-founder, IMNewswatch.com

Now that youíve heard the testimonials, you should be convinced. But if youíre like most people, youíre probably still a little skeptical. But remember this, if you keep doing what youíre doing right now, youíll only be successful at getting the same results over and over again!


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Richard Quek

Richard Quek

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